HAI VAN NAM NHA TRANG JOINT STOCK COMPANY (“We”) attaches great importance to the protection of your personal information. After reading the Privacy Policy (“Policy”), You have the sole discretion to decide whether to share personal information with Us. From time to time, We may amend this Policy to update the changes of the law, the features of the technology system. If You continue to log in and use Our E-Commerce Platform (“E-Commerce Platform”), You will signify your acceptance of the content of this Policy and its changes from time to time.
If you use the e-commerce floor to place an order for products or services to a third party, it is your responsibility to notify and obtain their consent that we will collect and use personal information their personnel. We shall be disclaimed from all claims, claims and claims of third parties regarding the use of information as set forth in this Policy.
1. Scope of information collection

With your consent, We will collect information for the purpose of booking air tickets, hotel rooms, buying train tickets, bus tickets, ordering food items, food, booking table or order food at restaurants… (“Services”), and improve the E-commerce Site to enhance Your experience.
a. Your information

- Your personal information such as full name, gender, date of birth, email, phone, address, identification information.
- We may collect your information during the course of your use of the e-commerce floor such as: products and services that you have viewed or ordered, time of using products and services, trip schedules, interests that You have shared ... We also collect information about your evaluation of the supplier including the content of the review and the image.
- Geographical location: for the purpose of providing information about suppliers, products and services near You, We may collect information about your location. If You use mobile devices when accessing the E-Commerce Platform, You have the option to have Us see Your current location.
- We will save information about your visits even if you do not create an account on the e-commerce floor. We will collect information such as: geographical location, IP address, time of accessing and using E-commerce floor. We also collect information about mouse clicks and pages you have viewed.
- We collect your information when you make contact with us via email, phone, other communication channels such as social networks ...
- Cookies and similar technologies: We use cookies and/or similar technologies in order for computers and/or mobile devices to recognize You the next time you use our E-commerce Platform.
b. Information of others that You provide to Us

You can use the E-commerce floor to order products and services for yourself or for a third party. We will collect and use third party information you provide to Us. It is your responsibility to notify and obtain consent from third parties that We will collect and use their information in accordance with the provisions of this Policy.
c. Personal Information We Collect From Other Sources

Products and services displayed on our E-commerce Platform may also be displayed/integrated into other e-commerce sites of Our partners. Therefore, We may receive information about You from other sources, including but not limited to: business partners, affiliates, subsidiaries and other independent third parties. We receive this information from third parties to assist in providing you with products and services.
2. Purpose of using information

Your Information is collected and used by Us for the following purposes:
- Register and use the E-commerce Floor: We use the information you provide to register for a new account, authenticate the account information when accessing and using the E-commerce floor.
- Providing products and services according to orders: We collect information about people who directly use the service when you order products and services on the E-commerce floor and transfer this information to the supplier to provide orders according to your requirements.
- Customer service: Our customer service department will contact you when it is necessary to notify you of the orders that you have placed on the E-commerce floor or assist you in working with suppliers to resolve complaints. complaints and questions (if any).
- When you contact our customer care department, your call may be heard live or recorded for customer care or complaint handling purposes (if any).
- Resolve complaints and disputes if related to E-commerce floor managed and operated by us.
- Improve the quality of E-commerce Floor: We use the information You provide to improve your experience when using Our E-commerce Floor and using the supplier's products and services.
- Carry out marketing activities and market research: We will introduce you to information about our products and services and/or suppliers through sending emails, sending messages, sending notifications to your account on the E-commerce floor. You have the right to opt-out of Our marketing materials by following the unsubscribe instructions outlined in the document.
- Other purposes will be notified to You by We at the time of information collection.
3. Information sharing

We may share your information with partners in the following cases:
- We share your information with suppliers to process your order. Please note that suppliers may contact You to obtain additional information necessary for the provision of products or services to Your order.
- Provider of supporting services on our E-commerce floor such as: payment intermediaries, marketing and market research companies, partners providing customer care services. Support service providers on the E-commerce Floor must protect your information that We have shared with them. They are not allowed to use your information for any purpose other than to provide e-commerce support services, unless there is a separate agreement between them and you.
- Law enforcement agencies to investigate law violations and prevent fraud.
- In case of business transfer: if We change the ownership of the business, We will notify the new owner that they can only use Your information in accordance with the content of this Policy. .
- Depending on your location and the place where you use the products and services that you have ordered on the e-commerce floor, we may transfer your information abroad. We will take necessary and appropriate professional measures to protect this information. At the same time, We also require the third party receiving the data to apply necessary security measures in accordance with the law.
4. Edit information, withdraw consent and request deletion of information

If you want to correct any personal information, please log in to your account on the e-commerce floor or contact our customer care department.
If You wish to withdraw your consent for Us to collect or use personal information or to request that We delete your information, please contact our customer care department.
At Your request, We will stop collecting, using, disclosing Your information and deleting the information You have shared unless required by law or We have other lawful purposes that need it. keep this information.
If You request to withdraw consent to the collection, use, disclosure of personal information or request the deletion of personal information, You will not be able to continue using the E-commerce Floor and We and/or the Provider. Grant will not be able to provide the product or service requested by You. We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by this termination.
5. Information retention time

We will retain your information for as long as necessary to process and deliver orders and/or to resolve complaints or disputes.
We will stop storing Your information as soon as: (i) it is not required by applicable law to collect this information; and/or (ii) We no longer have a business or other legitimate purpose for collecting information.
6. Information Protection

We will protect your information by implementing reasonable and necessary security measures, including physical, technical and organizational procedures, to prevent access, collection, use unauthorized use, disclosure, copying, modification or processing of information or similar risks. If there is any violation of Your personal information, We will notify You. At the same time, We will make every effort to restore the security of the personal information you have shared on the E-commerce Floor.
If You have any questions or requests regarding this Policy, please contact our customer care department.

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