Havana Spa uniquely combines especially world-famous Spa therapies, including Indian, Thai, Swedish, Saudi Arabian, Oriental Therapy, herbal and intensive hot stone spa…Sophisticated spa of skilled experts in combination with the usage of high-end cosmetics derived entirely from natural essences such as coconut, aloe Vera, mineral mud ... in each treatment will quickly relieve muscle soreness, facilitate blood circulation, eliminate body toxins, enrich your health and rejuvenate your skin. Immersing yourselves in the waves’ whispers, blended with lavender’s essential oils – known as Queen of The Spices, you will find absolute relaxation in mind and awaken your senses and inspirations. Signature therapies such as Havana Signature Package for Couple, Four Hand Combination Oriental will definitely leave you with lasting impressions.

All guests in-house are encouraged to use complimentary value-added services including steam bath, sauna, Jacuzzis in the locker room. To ensure the best quality services, please make your bookings in advance. Please turn up 15 minutes early to get ready for the journey to enjoy life with the Essence of True Spa Arts.

Havana Spa – PREMIER Havana Nha Trang

38 Tran Phu Street, Nha Trang City

T: (+84-258) 3889.999 – Fax: (+84-258) 388.9900

E: info@havanahotel.vn / spa-manager@havanahotel.vn

W: www.havanahotel.vn 

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