At HAVANA Nha Trang Hotel, we offer a range of entertainment activities for you to fully enjoy your holiday. From the tour around the city to travel to locations outside the city, from cookery courses to yoga classes, from your workout with our trainer at the gym to spa services, from the service simply to relax to basic health care services. Whatever your requirements are, our staff are always dedicated to serving you to make your holiday the sweetest and most memorable moment.

The recreational activities:

* Swimming pool with jacuzzi free for adults and children

* Private tunnel running to the sea with exceptional service in the tunnel

* The yoga classes with in-house trainer subject to hotel's plan

* The yoga classes are held periodically on the beach subject to hotel's plan

* Gym exercises under the guidance of professional teachers

* Tennis court subject to hotel's plan

* Tours of local areas and neighborhood

* Snorkeling Tour

* Parachute

* Cooking Course of traditional dishes

* Common kitchen service with employees served customers by cooking hobby

* Library books full category list

* Spa services

* Health care service subject to hotel's plan.

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