Lobby Lounge

Located at the ground floor, the Lobby Lounge is the ideal place to sit for sipping a cup of coffee, enjoying some brandy, simply sipping fruit tea with fragrant aroma or  more than that enjoy a glass of chilled champagne genuine ... a romantic  and fully relaxed place. Here, you can absolutely start your day  when the sun's rays shining down brightly through the glass of the  hotel and you can choose this place to end your hard working day with the sunset.

In the melodious music of the piano, you feel like you are in paradise on the earth. Lobby Lounge serves best even the most delicate and difficult travellers, where  provides a list of wines, Congac, whiskey or most famous Voska from all over the world.

Opening hours: 7:00h  to 23:00h 

Junior Suite King
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