Atichoke Restaurant

Artichoke restaurant is designed with modern style with wide open air, located at 3rd floor of the hotel, it is the a-la-carte restaurant with the signature dishes are Beef and Seafood.

Artichoke Restaurant was inspired by the name of a special flower, artichoke flower is known as a precious food, which is very good for health, help eliminate toxins in the body.

Stemming from the desire to bring the guests the unique and new experience, our main menu are dishes made from beef and seafood, the exquisite combination of flavours between major components with the materials and pure taste from across the world to bring you the nutritious food, good for your health. All is the hallmark of all the sublimation of emotional creativity, dedication and thorough study of nutrition kitchen team. The best gourmet will also be immersed in the flavour and purity of the food.

Artichoke Restaurant is located on the 3rd floor of the hotel with spacious and modern architecture.

Opening Hours:

11:00 hours to 22:30 hours




Junior Suite King
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