Nha trang cuisine

Bird nest

Considered as an expensive and legendary product for thousands of years,  salangane  nests are one of Khanh Hoa’s unique specialties and a preferred gift for visitors to Nha Trang.

Fish Sauce

 In Vietnam, Nha Trang is one of the places famous for fish sauce due to its special recipes lasting from 9 months to a year.


Khanh Hoa is famous for aquilaria known as a special, rare and precious fragrant wood. Since the 15th and 16th century, western businessmen have traded on this product and now the trees have been carefully preserved by the local authorities.

Dried seafood

           Nha Trang’s dried seafood has a special taste thanks to a natural processing aimed at keeping its initial flavor. This is a popular gift that easily satisfies visitors due to its various items, nutritious value and reasonable prices.


Firework show on Skylight Havana Nha Trang
Gala Dinner, Countdown party on 7th Feb 2016
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Firework show on...

Gala Dinner, Countdown party on 7th Feb 2016

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